Xiaomi Share & Windows


Xiaomi is now well known for their inexpensive yet performing smartphones. Moreover I must admit that I fell in love with the MIUI UX. Of course, the presence of ads tarnishes the pictures but it is fixable.

One of the multiple features of MIUI is an airdrop-like file sharing functionnality: ShareMe (or Xiaomi Share). For now only available between Xiaomi devices, they announced earlier this year the Peer-to-Peer Transmission Alliance that promises to facilitate file sharing across brands.

Where this becomes fairly interesting, is that Xiaomi Notebook laptops have the ability to leverage this feature. Easy transfer between your Windows PC and your smartphone, now that’s cool! However, good luck finding the app that enables that on Windows.

Fortunately, I was able to find it on the drivers page of the Mi Notebook. The thing you want to install is Mi Smart Share.

Choose MiShareMe download

Once installed, your computer now appears in the nearby devices when you use ShareMe and you can also share files to you phone using the Smart Share button that was just added to your task bar. I tested it with my new Honor MagicBook, but it should work with any computer with bluetooth and WIFI connectivity.

The working result

Voilà !